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Welcome to East Lansing CrossFit!

East Lansing CrossFit is a group class based training facility, we run several classes each day with certified coaches with an emphasis on technique. CrossFit has proven to be the most effective and efficient form of exercise providing measurable results and directly increasing a person's ability to stay functional, longer. Through constantly varied, high intensity group classes, a person can reach goals faster while putting on lean muscle which in turn increases metabolism.

At East Lansing CrossFit, our coaches have all been trained to recognize safe/unsafe movements, they will strictly adhere to the motto "technique > time/reps." Proper technique is the mechanism by which potential human energy and strength are translated into real work capacity! Both the elite athlete and elderly will benefit from CrossFit, one's needs differ by degree not kind. The elite athlete is looking for functional dominance and the elderly for functional competence.

Some quick info on classes:

  • Please wear shoes that you can walk, run, jump and lift weights in.
  • Loose/tight clothing does not matter, as long as you wear something!
  • You do not need to be an athlete to become an athlete, many people in your class will be above/below your physical abilities.
  • Prepare for your biggest challenge, but also your most success.
  • No one is competing against you, you are only competing against yourself!
  • The music may be turned up, but not as high as the energy in the room.

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